FDA: Urgent Appeal, Fur Genocide, (Garcila & Mugjar  areas) 01/25/2003

Fur Diaspora Association (FDA)

Darfur Association in Toronto (DAT)

Press Release, January 25, 2003

As the result of the process of ethnic cleansing launched by the Sudanese authorities, 24 Fur people were killed while 18 were injured (some seriously) when Arab militias and government soldiers attacked Garcila and Mugjar on January 20 and 21 respectively. The two towns were attacked at 5 am Sudan local time and the following people are reported dead:

1)      Mohamed Abdulrasul

2)      Mohamed Abbaker

3)      Abbaker Adam Musa

4)      Haroun Mohamed

5)      Adam Abdelkarim

6)      Mubarak Kujak

7)      Siliman Nasr Addeen

8)      Bukhari Ibrahim

9)      Adam Khamis

10)  Abdul Malik

11)  Mohamed Ibrahim

12)  Marru Ishag

13)  Ishag Marru Ishag

14)  Mariam Ishag

15)  Ibrahim Idris

16)  Rashida Hassabu

17)  Abbaker Haroun

18)  Adam Rijal

19)  Mariam Idris

20)  Fatima Adam

21)  Idris Jibril

22)   Barbar

23)  Omar Abbaker

24)  Mariam Abdalla

25)  Siliman Adam

26)  Faisal Ibrahim

27)  Makki Mohamed Idris

The irony is that these attacks took place during the visit of Brigadier Abdel Rahim Mohamed Hussein, Minster of Interior, to the region. Specifically, this attack took place short before he made a statement that “incidences of conflict largely shrank in Darfur particularly in northern and western Darfur”. Indeed, both Garcila and Mugjar are in western Darfur and brigadier Hussein made that statement to mislead the international community. The number of the Fur killed between the first week of October 2002 and third week of January 2003 has reached 151. Most of the victims are men and women aged between 18 and 45. Fur Diaspora Association and Darfur Association in Toronto are urging all the governments, organizations and individuals who believe that destruction of human beings is a grievous crime to intervene and force the Sudanese government to stop its project of genocide against the indigenous peoples.

Signed on behalf of the Fur Diaspora Association and Darfur Association in Toronto by: Gamal Adam:

2 Assiniboine Road # 522

                        Toronto, Ontario M3J 1L1, Canada

                        Telephone: 416-736-3628

E-mail: gamadam@yorku.ca

And Babiker Abdeljabbar:

Tasmania, Australia

Telephone: 613-623-11021

E-mail: babikira@yahoo.co.uk