FDA: Urgent Appeal, Fur Genocide, ( Golo District 10/09/2003)


OCTOBER 9, 2002


In the process of cleansing Darfur of its indigenous people, the government supported Arab militias killed Mohamed Ibrahim Musa (40 year old lawyer) and Faisal (28 year old truck- driver) on Wednesday October 9, 2002. The incident took place on a road between Golo (Jabel Marra) and Nyala. Five other passengers were injured including the Chief Administrative Officer of the area (Omar), Chief Accountant (Mohamed ‘Oshar) and Kamal Mohamed Isa (we do not know his occupation). Late Mohamed Ibrahim Musa was my colleague and friend since high school.

In a related development, the same militias attacked Kidigneer (my home town), about 71 kilometers northwest of Nyala city on Friday October 5, 2002 and killed Mohamed Hassaballa (57 years old, my cousin and adoptive father), Deputy Chief and former Secretary General of Sudan’s Agriculturalists’ and Farmers’ Union (1978-1989), his brother Adam Hassaballa (43 years old), teacher, Abbaker Mohamed Ali (54 years old, my uncle), merchant and Yahya Ateem (47 years old), farmer.

In addition, the following people were injured:

1-     Kaltoom Abdel-Rahman (female), farmer

2-     Izaddeen Mustapha Fodul (19 years old), student

3-     Abdalla Abulgasim Ibrahim (42 years old), merchant

4-     Abdelmalik Hashim Ali (51 years old), former nurse, merchant

5-     Kubra Abdalla Mohamed Ali (31 years old, female), farmer

6-     Mohamed Yousif Abdelbashir (50 years old), merchant

7-     Nasr Addeen Abdelrahaman Nasir (32 years old), farmer

8-     Abdalla Attahir, farmer


The town was attacked on Friday immediately after the Juma prayer time when people were coming out of the mosque. The perpetrators set the town on fire after they looted shops and homes. To prevent the spread of news from Kidigneer, the Southern Darfur state authorities barred people from traveling to the area for more than three days.


Furthermore, the government supported Arab militias killed Ali Omar Mohamed Musa (30 years old, farmer) and Adam Hussein Ibrahim (55 years old, farmer) and injured Sheikh Addeen Mohamed Nasr Adam (38 years old, my nephew and colleague), teacher and Magboul Abdelmalik Hashim (34 years, merchant) on Tuesday October 1, 2002.


As we explained to you in our previous releases, these were not simple attacks- they are implementation of a serious plan designed by the central government and its representatives in the states of Darfur. It is part of the central government’s plan to create a homogenous “North” free of its indigenous peoples to avoid potential rebellions if the South breaks away. Our sources confirm that the Vice President Ali Osman Mohamed Taha and some other xenophobic Arab nationalists in the government are conniving with the representatives of Arab militias in Darfur to relocate/exterminate the Fur and other indigenous peoples of the region. For example, our sources emphasize that two Toyota Landcruisers loaded with ammunitions and individuals of the so-called Popular Defense Forces were sent from Khartoum to Darfur in March 2002. The two cars and what they carried were a support from the Vice President to the local Arabs and surprisingly some of the individuals in the cars were said to be Saudis. The process of genocide resulted in the expropriation of several areas in the Fur land and their transformation into Arab camps and villages. For instance, areas such as Danga and Tambasi have been renamed into Um Al-Gura and Um Daw Aban respectively.


On behalf of the Sudanese Human Rights activists, Darfur Association in Toronto and Darfur Peace and Development Organization, I appeal to the international community to intervene and advise the Sudanese authorities to adopt multiculturalism and appreciate the cultures of others. If they have little wisdom remaining they will recognize that this is better than plans of extermination. There is a lot of evidence that the ugly plans such as genocide are causes for potential problems rather than being solutions.              


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