FDA Appeal: Fur Genocide, (Teguereis Village, 11/27/2002)


Press Release, January 25, 2003

Fur Diaspora Association (FDA)

Darfur Association in Toronto


As the result of the process of ethnic cleansing launched by the Sudanese authorities, Arab militias and government soldiers attacked Teguereis on November 27 and the following people were killed:

1)      Sheikh Yahya Hassan Adam (about 60 years old)

2)      Adam Abdelrahman Abulgasim (30 years old)

3)      Mohamed Yousif Abbaker (33 year old)

4)      Ahmed Yahya Ahmed (39 years old)

5)      Sheikh Abdalnabi Abdalla Abdulgadir (38)

6)      Ahmed Salih Ali (30 years old)

7)      Ismail Abdalla Abdulrahman (37 years old)

8)      Ali Seif Addeen Ali (40 years old)

9)      Abdalla Ishag Ahmed Abdulgadir (35 years old)

10)   Abdallah Ibrahim Mohamed (38 years old)

11)  Musa Ishag (36 years old)


All the people killed are men and, with the exception of Sheikh Yahya Hassan Adam (about 60 years), their ages range between 30 and 40. In addition to those killed, however, the following people were injured:

1)      Suliman Adam Yusif

2)      Abdalrahman Yaagoub Abbaker

3)      Abdall Idris Adam

4)      Abdalrahman Osman Haroun

5)      Abdalla Adam Ishaq

6)      Mohamed Adam Mohamed Ahmed

7)      Abbaker Idris Abdalmajeed

8)      Kaltouma Mohamed Basha (female)


The Omda (local chief) and some of his people were taken by the authorities to Nyala (capital of Southern Darfur region) where they have been detained ever since.  Fur Diaspora Association and Darfur Association in Toronto are urging the international community to urgently intervene.  Signed on behalf of Fur Diaspora Association and Darfur Association in Toronto by:

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