FDA Appeal: Fur Genocide, Sikita Village,  (01/2003)

Press Release, January 25, 2003

Fur Diaspora Association (FDA)

Darfur Association in Toronto

As the result of the process of ethnic cleansing launched by the Sudanese authorities, Arab militias and government soldiers attacked Sikita on January 1, 2 and 3 respectively killing the following people:

1)      Suliman Adam Jabra

2)      Ibrahim Adam Yousif

3)      Ismail Yousif Abdalla

4)      Kaltoum Abduljabbar (female)

5)      Ismail Adam Abdalla

6)      Yahya Hussein Issa

7)      Mohamed Adam Rasheed

8)      Ismail Adam Abbaker

9)      Mariam Adam Ibrahim (female)

10)  Mubarak Abbaker Yagoub

11)  Mousa Mohamed Mousa Bilal

12)  Musa Yahya

13)  Ibrahim Adam Jubara

14)  Imail Adam Aballa

15)  Alfaki Abdulrahman Hamed Mohamed

16)  Abdulla Ahmed Abbaker

17)  Abdumawla Ahmed Abbaker

18)  Abdualla Adam Ismail

19)  Mohamed Ahmed Abdualla

20)  Fatima Abbaker (female)

21)  Issa Mohamed Suliman

22)   Khadija Ahmed Abbaker (female)

23)  Abduall Abbaker

24)  Ali Ahmed Mohamed

25)  Yahya Abdualla Ishaq

The leaders of the village (Hashim Abulbasher and his colleagues) have been detained and made incommunicado after their village lost 25 people and many others injured. We call upon the international community to force the Sudanese authorities to stop such crimes against humanity. 


Signed on behalf of Fur Diaspora Association and Darfur Association in Toronto by:


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&  Babiker Abdeljabbar:
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