FDA: Urgent Appeal, Fur Genocide, 03/04/2003

Fur Diaspora Association (FDA)

March 4,2003



The Fur Diaspora Association (FDA) appeals to human rights and aid organizations to immediately intervene and rescue civilians in Jabel Marra and Kornoy. Our sources confirm that the Sudanese government dropped three bombs in Golo (Jabel Marra) on Tuesday February 25, 2003 and killed six civilians including two women. Another woman was seriously injured. The government army also attacked Artala (about 80 kilometers to the southwest of Nyala) and burned the whole town to ashes. 


Our sources further confirm that the government is preparing to further attack both Jabel Marra and Kornoy by all types of weapons. Like most areas in Darfur, Jabel Marra and Kornoy have already been suffering from a famine. Moreover, the government soldiers and its militias had destroyed over 50 villages and orphaned hundreds of children in Jabel Marra before the situation escalated into a confrontation between the government army and some individuals among the Fur and Zagawa who had been irritated by repeated arrests, torture, and killings of their love ones.  The tragic situation in Darfur could be summarized in the following points:

1)      Almost the whole region (Darfur) has been in a famine for a longtime, but the Sudanese authorities refused to disclose it to the international community.

2)      Beside the famine, many people in several areas of the region including Jabel Marra, Kabkabiya, Wadi Saleh, Bulbul and Dar Massaleit had already lost their homes and property during the attacks of genocide by government soldiers and Arab militias.

3)      The expected attack on Jabel Marra and Kornoy by the government army will again be another adversity on the innocent civilians.

4)      The Fur and Zagawa will now be the targets of the government authorities not only in Darfur, but also everywhere in the country.


The Fur Diaspora Association appeals to the international community to:

1)      Advise the Sudanese government to avoid using chemical weapons in Jabel Marra and Kornoy since there are claims that the authorities used them in some areas in South Sudan and Nuba Mountains.

2)      Form a neutral commission to stop the war, investigate the problem and provide fair trials to those who found guilty of killing and torturing innocent civilians.

3)      Provide food and shelter to those affected by the series of tragedies.

4)      Help Dafurians hold a reconciliation conference that will give birth to a local constitution documenting rights and obligations of all Darfurians.

5)      Form a team to collect all arms and destroy them.



Signed on behalf of Fur Diaspora Association By:

Gamal Adam (Canada):

E-mail: gamadam@yorku.ca

Tel: (416) 736-3628

Ahmed Abdalla (Canada):

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Tel: (416) 935-1790

Babikir Abdalla (Australia):

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