FDA Appeal: Torture in Jebel Marra, 03/05/2003

The Fur Diaspora Association received information that the Sudanese government forces and its Arab militias in Darfur continued committing gross human rights violations. Women were raped, civilians were tortured, beaten, and their properties confiscated. This tragic incidence took place on March 05/2003 in Jabal Marra area when government forces and Arab militias (Janaweed) this time known as (Abu 'Ishreen), attacked the villages of Rokirro, Rasheed and Tibon. As a result of this destructive invasion, the people of the three villages are now homeless and are in desperate need for shelter, food, medical and psychological treatments. The Fur Diaspora Association (FDA) appeals to human rights and aid organizations to immediately intervene and rescue civilians in Jabel Marra. The association also urges the UN and those who concern to form a neutral commission to investigate and stop war against innocent civilians in Jabel Marra.

Seif Gadir
Fur Diaspora Association (FDA) British Columbia, Canada
Phone: (604) 5190709
E-Mail: seifgadir@shaw.ca