FDA Appeal: Attack against the Fur, 03/30/2003

Appeal No 11 to the International Community: 26 Killed and 11 Injured in Western Darfur

Fur Diaspora Association (FDA)
March 30/03/2003

As a continuation of the campaign of genocide adopted by the Sudanese authorities against indigenous peoples of Darfur, Arab militias supported by government forces attacked Dambar, Muttur, Surre, Muraddaf, Gawsir and Dorgola on March 15, 2003. During these attacks 26 Fur were reportedly killed and 11 others injured, some of them seriously, and still about 3 000 others were forced to cross the border to Chad. Moreover, 500 heads of cattle were rustled away and several hundred houses were burnt to ashes. The news terrified the population of Kabar, Malla, Dango and Mooringa who are expected to cross the border at anytime despite the efforts made by some traditional leaders to convince them to stay. All these villages are located in Western Darfur at about 80 kilometres to the southwest of the city of Zalingei.    

The followings are the names of the people killed:
1)    Adam Hassan
2)    Musa Hassan
3)    Khadija Hassan (female, sister of Adam and Mussa)
4)    Ata Ahmed Osman
5)    Osman Saleh Adam
6)    Hassan Mahdi Abdel-Aziz
7)    Said Abdel-Karim
8)    Ibrahim Juma Mohamed
9)    Ahmed Abdel-Jabbar
10)    Musa Abdel-Karim Ismail
11)    Adam Mohamed Ibrahim
12)    Idris Adam Saleh
13)    Hasina Adam Arbab (female)
14)    Abdel-Karim Ishag
15)    Adam Omar Ahaj
16)    Khalifa Arbab Juma
17)    Bahar Dawod
18)    Mahasin Mohamed (female)
19)    Ata Hassan Mohamed
20)    Assadig Arbab
21)    Ismail Hussein Arbab
22)    Yousif Ishag
23)    Fatima Saleh Abdalla (female)
Three more dead people were not yet identified. Moreover, the following is the list of the people injured:
1)    Abdalla Abdel-Aziz
2)    Abdalla Said Osman
3)    Mohamed Mahmoud Khamis
4)    Abdalla Abdul-Malik
5)    Salih Adam Ahmed Attroon
6)    Abdul-Majid Ali
7)    Omar Adam
8)    Yagoub Mohamed Khamis
Two more injured people were not yet identified.

The authorities are making every effort to keep the incidence secret.  Units of the Sudanese army were stationed throughout the area to isolate the villages and towns of the Fur from one another to make the transmission of the news difficult. As a result of this policy Mr. Abdel-Jabbar Adam Abdel-Karim, member of the National Council, was searched and arrested for a day on March 20, 2003 because of the videotape he was carrying as evidence of the casualties.

Fur Diaspora Association (FDA) is thus appealing to UN Commission on Human Rights, Amnesty International, Africa Watch and all other organizations that are concerned with human rights to intervene and rescue all the indigenous people of the region targeted by the government plans of genocide. We also appeal to the aid organizations to intervene, provide relief and help local people rebuild their villages.

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